Crookston Castle Furniture

This is my painted furniture in Hannah Logan’s doll house… she also took the lovely miniture picture of the dog! 
This work is based on the past owners of Crookston Castle in Glasgow and the people living in the area now. As the castle now belongs to the National Trust.



This is  a Gif inspired by our throw away cycle. But who cares? Its recyclable anyway. But does that mean we should waste it?

Endless Empress

About 4 month ago I was asked to illustrate Kirkland Ciccone's new book 'Endless Empress'. Its wonderfully crazy and weird new book! In the book a group of teenagers create a fantacy world which soon leads to mass murder. Kirkland Ciccone deals sensitively with a really difficult subject matter.

The launch day was on the 30th of October 2014.  What an amazing day.

The Endless Empress

Some Colour

Having fun?
A bit of Colour

Growing Colour

Blown Away

Private Party

The Private Party (2014)
Light the Lamp (2014)
Running streamer (2014)
The Monster inside the Room (2014)
The Monster inside the Room (2014)

The Lonely Place

The Lonely Place (streamers and found object)

The Lonely Place II (streamers and found object)